Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Clear Skin??!

Oh the skin of the young twenties... who would have known!!

I thought I had made it through the sebum filled era without any acne, until I hit my senior year of college. I mean I was lucky that it was just a few zits on my chin, not full facial acne, but still... everyone wants clear skin!!

I literally tried EVERYTHING. Proactive, Neutrogena, Clean and Clear, etc... and not to mention the multiple prescriptions I tried like Retin-A and Retin-A Micro. And nada... it would get better, only to then not do anything at all.

About 3 weeks ago I was cruising the isles of Rite Aid, up to no good... and I saw this little gem for less than $20. I figured I would give it a try, figuring that I would probably be disappointed pretty soon afterwards. Oddly enough, I wasn't! My skin was a little irritated at first, but it seemed to build up a tolerance, and now my skin has not only cleared up a ton, but it also seems to have a much healthier glow about it!

I know every product will work different for everyone, but I figured if there is a chance this could help out anyone else, it would be worth it to share! I hope this blog won't jinx my success (knocking on wood...)!

*Please note, I purchased this product with own money and was not paid to write this review.

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